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Alexa & Brooke in: Unfortunate Customs Check Girls Had No Idea the Lengths To Which Mr MudHut Would Go To Retrieve His Luggage! (Full Adventure) (HD)


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Resolution: 1280×720 (HD) | Length: 19:51 minutes | File Size:999mb

Purely epic tape bondage is writ large upon two very beautiful, very panty-flash-prone airport customs employees in this instant classic of a scene! Yep, we have the luscious Brooke Lea, that chesty young blonde, and the leggy, elegant (and equally busty) Alexa Brookes. The girls have been rather naughty in taking a confiscated suitcase home with them to have a good laugh over that night. The bizarre owner of the case was not so amused that his case had been taken in, but these two little thieves could not possibly know of the depraved lengths the lad will go to in reclaiming what is his. But, soon enough, they will. And so will you.

Mr MudHut is his name, and securing his lost luggage is his game. The guy has plenty of issues not least of which involve travelling the globe, snatching women and tying them up for fun. Such a shame then that the police take a rather dim view of this. Still, it is what he likes. What he does not like are these two bitches. Not only did they mock him when the case got opened up and taken away for quarantine, but he noticed them driving off later with it in their car! He is a nutter for stalking them, sure, but what the heck do they think they are playing at taking his things? Already, a dark plan is forming. He grins, mischievously.

It is while rooting around in Mr MudHuts case that the beauties start examining the contents. It is full of rope and masks and tape and underwear and all manner of oddities. They have a bit of fun trying on the ballgags and are looking through the rest when the knock at the door comes. Brooke answers to the strange bespectacled, and benosed for that matter, man and is shocked when he forces his way in, tightly handgags her and bundles her down the hallway to the front room. This is the justice it seems for young girls who like to take other peoples things!

Ordering both girls to get their hands up, he has them kneel down in a corner of the room and binds their wrists tightly with sticky grey tape. Not liking their insolent mouths a whole lot, eh crams them with thick panties from his big case. The girls gag on them and mutter in humiliation as he seriously, methodically wraps their widely distended mouths with several tight turns of tape. Mouths agape, stuffed with underwear, they cannot talk or object in any impactful way while he binds them some more with that tape. He gropes their tits through their uniforms, laughs maniacally and allows them some alone time!

The babes, furious at this insane treatment, are soon rolling around all over the place, flashing their white underwear and having a very difficult time with those massive, face busting gags. However, they have no choice BUT to deal with them. They are trussed up way too tightly to do anything to improve their situation. So instead they repeatedly mumble incoherently to one another and squirm and writhe around insanely hotly. All that white knicker, those gorgeous uniforms, those sexy sleek heels, and two incredibly exciting ladies. This is shaping up to be a lot of fun. But it is just getting started!

After much struggling, the bound and gagged hostages are revisited. Removing their overly harsh cleave wraps, they are allowed to protest for a minuscule interval before being savagely gagged apiece with two socks per gob. Mmmmpppphhhh!! That is some filthy mouth packing right there. The girls hate it, and are soon gagging some more. But all taped up as they are, they cannot stop him as he ruthlessly seals their entire lower faces with more tape, creating even harder, even more viscous gags for the struggling lasses.

While the babes eye him angrily, pumping out much muffled up bullshiz, he mocks them with the luggage they stole, zips it up and prepares to leave. He takes all of his details with him and must assume he will get away with it. Tit for tat, anyway. They did a bad thing, and so, he guesses, did he, but this unique memory will last him a lifetime. It is a thrill indeed for him to wreak havoc upon two such lovely, helpless maidens as this now writhing for his pleasure. And he leaves them now to continue their writhing. It is a show unto itself and plays out the second half of this epic. We could describe it in as much rich detail but really there is no need at this stage. You know what they will be doing, and you know the unique Borderland Gold Standard to which they will be doing it! Prepare yourselves. This is yet more of the hottest tape bondage in town!

Included in this story: nude bondage, rope bondage, high heels, stiletto heels, upskirt, uniforms, onscreen gagging, muscular women, tanned, tanned bodies, blondes, gag talk, onscreen gagging, cleave gagged, groping, titty squeezing, struggling , cloth gagged, detective gagged, over mouth gagged, uniform stealing

***All productions (video & images) & associated bondage scenarios depicted are strictly of a role play and story driven nature and feature fully consenting participants and established safe signals (clearly defined within each fantasy scene) between model(s) and crew are in continual use throughout the production. Thus, these are pure, tongue in cheek adventuristic fantasy scenarios, without exception fully consensual, contextual and supported by model release to this effect***