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Brooke in: Buxom Studio Anchor-Queen Accused of Fake News Continues Through Her Tight Gagging Live On Air!


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Resolution: 1280×720 (HD) | Length: 29:00 minutes | File Size:1200mb

With that thick, sexy bandana tied tightly between your teeth, you must gag talk to us, Brooke, you thoroughly beautiful, mammoth-chested blonde national treasure! Yes, gag talk your way through this amazing little movie while we watch and listen; eyes on stalks, eardrums hammering at the hot noises you make or us. You get what you deserve though, you naughty little bimbo. Just because you look good enough to consume in one sitting in that tiny little dress, jacket, shiny stiletto heels, and big secretarial specs, doesn’t mean you get to spread what some like to call ‘Fake News’. But what IS fake news, and who really gives a monkey’s? Not us. What WE care about is setting the scene for a breath-taking lovely lady struggle up stroke news reading session you won’t forget in a hurry. Game on!

With her sweetly husky voice and knockout looks, the statuesque Brooke Lea is the ultimate casting for smug news anchor whose skirt we can’t stop looking up.  She seems to have little regard for her viewers either and is known to read whatever is on her teleprompter (or the old school paper shuffling she like to engage in, with her pen in her mouth and her legs crossed, because she knows it gets everybody watching her hot under the collar. She is a tease, and a spreader of this fake news bullshiz. And, for misleading the public, she will pay!

When Bernie, her sound guy, (he sounds like a twat) maketh a strange noise from out back and suddenly slumps in his chair, Young Brooke, in mid-spread, is bemused. She is even more so when, live on air, a masked douchebag steps into the studio with her. She and Bernie are based in a disused studio for this evening’s broadcast as the main studio is being, um, redecorated or something. Basically, it’s just so that she and he are alone, ok? Please don’t examine the merchandise too closely. Ta. Anyway, this simpleton is taking her hostage right while she addresses the nation. Interesting!

He ties her hand and foot and quickly gets a thick black bandana in her mouth. Previously, Brooke had been telling the viewers some rot about hot air balloons being shot down over the Pennines or some filth and this dude, as well as being a studio-invader and robber, also can’t stand purveyors of fake news. He instructs, to her humiliation, Brooke to continue, even gagged and bound. Reluctantly (the guy is clearly nuts and might blow a gasket if she refuses) Brooke, in her soft, gorgeously wispy tones, churns out more fake garbage, and it sounds just exquisite around that thick gag obstructing her mouth.

Leaving Brooke tightly roped up and gagged in her seat, the guy gets on the camera back in the sound room and films her through the glass. Brooke must continue, and continue she does, squirming in her chair and looking at her notes, and GAG TALKING, tons! Later, and having had her heaving rack warmed up by the amorous bandit, she is gagged again, even tighter still, with a strip of white cloth. Indignant, she fumes around that cloth in her mouth, looking so hot it’s ridiculous as her body is further bound up. Or has it already been bound up? We can’t remember rightly, we’re in such daze over this dreamlike adventure.

Brooke is wheeled back behind her desk and shut in again, but doesn’t stay there for long. More hot panty peeks (they are pink, mmmmmm) than you can shake a stick at as she rolls around the studio all tied up in her chair, repeatedly gag talking, often direct to camera. When eventually her boss bursts in (the bandit is long gone, having taught the ravishing news anchor s lesson perhaps in spewing fake dirt. He rushes over to her and removes the emoting cutie’s gag, allowing it to hang about her neck the way you really like, folks.

So, has Brooke been taught a thing or two here, or will she go straight back to misinforming the public tomorrow eve? We don’t know for sure, but we do suspect, strongly, that if she does go back to her ways, she may well get another visit at some point in the future. Want to see Brooke tied and doing her amazing gag talk show again? You know where to write in.! And that is REAL news!

Included in this story: gagged women, rope bondage, high heels, upskirt, big tits, fitness, tanned, uniforms, snooping, surrender, secretary, spectacles, blondes, gag talk, gagging, cleave gagged, struggling, female desperation, onscreen gag removal, onscreen tying, escape attempts, gag chewing, secretaries, handgagged, hand over mouth, groping

***All productions (video & images) & associated bondage scenarios depicted are strictly of a role play and story driven nature and feature fully consenting participants and established safe signals (clearly defined within each fantasy scene) between model(s) and crew are in continual use throughout the production.  Thus, these are pure, tongue in cheek adventuristic fantasy scenarios, without exception fully consensual, contextual and supported by model release to this effect**