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Chantelle in: A Chill Winter’s Captive Struggles in Vain as the Secrets of WoodCutter’s Cottage Reveal Themselves… (Full Caper) (HD)


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Resolution: 1280×720 (HD) | Length: 24:55 minutes | File Size:1000mb

Thoroughly scrumptious Chantelle is always getting captured while snooping around, and she mostly seems to have back up – who generally end up in the same trussed up boat. But on this chill winter’s evening, she has decided to go it alone, with results no less spectacular. This beautiful, amazing damsel is going to get some extremely tight/ hard gaggings the likes of which will have you on the edge of your perch, Good Sir!

It all began when a sinister sea-flavoured stick magnate named Terrence WideBerth started believing he could influence his good fortune into dizzyingly higher still levels of promise by communing with a dark entity he calls Mr Frosty. Now, Mr Frosty has become the stuff of legend in the local township of PusWeasel’s Mews. The good folk there prefer not to speak of him, but ol’ WideBerth has no such reservations. In fact, he and Mr Frosty have become rather good pals!

While having an ale (she’s that kind of chick) one night down at the Canine’s HindQuarters with a private detective pal, Chantelle becomes intrigued by the talk of Mr Frosty’s new summoner. She has heard a number of stories about WideBeth and his fucking fishsticks and she hears that it is an empire built on crime. Summoning up malevolent entities must surely be the straw that broke the camel’s back and she decides to investigate his mangy hide.

We join the lithesome stunner, kitted out in tight ripped blue jeans and a cute pink cardigan with the sleevse rolled up on a a cold night with no coat upon her. She is sporting a pair of sexy sneakers though, all the better to flit around in while making less noise than had she been in say, Cuban Heels. Anyway, she arrives at the site of WideBeth’s summonings, an eerie place known as WoodCutter’s Cottage. Though outside it is still relatively light – that heavy winter light – in the place she now arrives, all is dark and silent. Tis why she brought with her a powerful flashlight. Shining it around, she is well-distracted, and does not notice a masked fiend creeping up on her.

Oosh!! He has her in a powerful grip. A strong and knowing paw is clamped firmly over her hot little mouth. Unable to cry out, she is bundled across the dank garage area, shoved rudely up against a wall and has her hands tied behind her back with rope. Before she can make any more feisty demands (yes, she has unsurprisingly made a few) a tight purple bandana gag is applied to quiet her down. She gnashes at it fiercely with gleaming white teeth as her ankles are bound, and with that, the bad guy, WideBetrh himself, bundles her kicking and struggling off up to the cottage. Once inside, he carries the wriggling, helpless girl all the way upstairs, where he leaves her squirming passionately in a corner of a guest bedroom.

Chantelle is furious at having been captured like this. She MUST escape. But before she can get too far, she is revisited, tied up some more and felt up, much to her chagrin. What else does this monster means to do with her? She can scarcely imagine. Soon enough, he shows back up and removes her cleave gag, allowing it to hand about her neck. Just exactly who is she, he wants to know? Chantelle won’t give it up and so in fury, he crams a huge chunk of cloth into her mouth and massively cleave wraps her face and head with sticky tape. Chantelle gags on all of that packing pushing toward her throat and struggles against this obscenity, but he is too powerful for her and she is all tied up too, which doesn’t help. Having had her sneakers ripped off, she is left to struggle and strain, delightfully barefoot, and oh so vulnerable…

Later, and he is back with more rope. Explaining that he must leave the property for a time, and how he must take further precautions with her while gone, he reverse pigbinds (is that what this is? – tell us please, bondage connoisseurs) the writhing stunner, taking much delight in pinning her bound feet with his knee while he is about it. Chantelle repeatedly grunts and groans into her huge gag, unable to squawk out a single invective. Then he is gone again, presumably to inform his pet-demon?

So we are left with Chantelle, gagging into that severe facial wrap, hands lashed to feet, struggling furiously. And what else is she up to, Stout Yeoman? GAG Talking. MUCHLY. This is supremely muffled stuff and you can have the most fun since you lost at Quiz Night last Thursday trying to guess what the hot-arsed little bitch is trying to belt out. One other thing as well – you all know how beautiful this girl is, and how she can take a fierce gag – which makes her the perfect woman… But here she shines even brighter than ever before. We can’t quite put our finger on what makes this magnificent tight rope and gag up so special. Perhaps you can? Enjoy, heartily.

***All productions (video & images) & associated bondage scenarios depicted are strictly of a role play and story driven nature and feature fully consenting participants and established safe signals (clearly defined within each fantasy scene) between model(s) and crew are in continual use throughout the production.  Thus, these are pure, tongue in cheek adventuristic fantasy scenarios, without exception fully consensual, contextual and supported by model release to this effect***