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Jenna & Hannah in: Body Stockinged Strippers’ Performance Interrupted!


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Resolution: 1280×720 (HD) | Length: 30 minutes | File Size: 998mb

The beautiful and ever-popular stripper team of Jenna and Hannah arrive at one strange house, hired to perform their routine for one strange duck, who resides there… Being met in their mouth-watering body stockings and wicked leather booties – thigh highs and knee highs, respectively – yum yum – straightaway he’s perving them up and repeatedly asking what extras the buxom stunners might or might NOT (definitely not, they assure him) perform on his person. At first they are jolly and take his lewdness in good spirit, but after a while of persistent filthy innuendo and repeated inappropriate remarks, begin mocking the man. Undeterred, he has an ace in the hole, and one which, if wanted, fires certain lead items at uncompliant hotties! Taken prisoner and forced to spread ‘em against a wall, the pair are herded into different areas and separately gagged and bound by the lunatic, who seems to take great relish in isolating both while one must listen to the other being tied and gagged elsewhere in the house. Hmmmm, sadistic eh? And what about these outrageous masks the guy keeps putting on. This is one nutzoid they’ll wish they’d never heard of by the time he’s through… And, speaking of which… The busty dup are one by glorious one carried over his shoulder, wiggling, mmmmmppppphhhhhhing and sucking back on their tight, thick cleave gags, only to be dumped onto the couch and put into tight hogties. There the bemused pair must remain, rolling about, straining hard and trying urgently to connect with one another through their tight gags. Of course, all they actually succeed in doing is giving us some truly great gagged up performances as they bounce around on their tits, arch their awesome curves, and generally look like pretty (in all senses of the word) helpless damsels. Old Skool bondage fare this – and it’s great to whack such stuff out for ya! We sincerely hope, and expect, you’ll get a massive rush out of these incredible lovelies, all encased in tight body stockings and thigh highs, and all bound and muzzled so sexily. Double crossed and abused by some absolute miscreant too! What more could you require? As they mumble and groan in oppressive captivity, both wonder through their gags what he has in store next…. And, so might you (not through YOUR gags, at least we hope you aren’t watching this while gagged, not that we judge!) but fear not, all shall be revealed soon in Part 2 of this fun-filled, highly entertaining stripper bondage sweetmeat. Bootiful! Go Jenna and Hannah!!

Part 2

And so, we rejoin our captured strippers, now all tied up in dining chairs, back to back and full of sass and vinegar; ready to steam roller right over this inadequate maggot with their razor sharp tongues. That is, of course, until he slaps their animated faces up with strip after strip of tight duct tape! Try chatting your nonsense NOW, Babes. Then he binds their sexy wriggling bare feet and heads off for some chow, leaving them to gag chat in pure outrage behind their wicked tape muzzles. Huge boobs are thrust forth and gorgeous behinds and thrust back as the amazing body contortion show which follows aptly reveals. The pair mmmmmmmppppphhhhh splendidly, utterly helpless and also bound into their high back seats with more rope. A mischievous afterthought on the filthed up part of their perverted ‘former’ client. After a while the aforementioned is back to frighten them with new masks and generally humiliate them further for his own (and our) merriment. The trussed duo angrily protest and are further befuddled to find themselves being double gagged, this time kinky ‘detective’ style, straight over the top of those tight tape strips. Wonderful! Then they go at it again, feistily straining, all big boobs and hot gag-babble,  at their ropes, totally unable to loose them. Looks like these two body stockinged hotties will be spending the remainder of their day at least at this chappies mercy, and, let’s face it, he hasn’t exactly shown much of this thus far! So we can all rejoice that this is one thrill ride which won’t diminish. The girls bump and grind it from start to glorious finish, as you’d expect, and now, sincerely enjoy the totally sexy array of gags they are forced to endure too. You, not THEM. YOU enjoy, and enjoy them NOT enjoying – if this makes sense. And if it doesn’t, drop us an email at the usual and we’ll thrash it all out – a bit like these monumentally stunning stripper babes are doing right now. So, let’s get back to it! Cheers!

Included in this story: bondage, rope bondage, tape bondage, roleplay, damsel in distress, snooping, female desperation, blondes, brunettes, big tits, handgagged, short dresses, gag talk, double gagged, cleave gagged, detective gagged, struggling, groping, titty squeezing, spanking, fitness models, chairbound, chairtied, chair hopping, escape attempts, mouth packing, wraparound tape gagged, jeans fetish, onscreen gagging, upskirt, high heels

***All bondage scenarios depicted within our productions (video & images) are strictly of a role play and story driven nature and feature fully consenting participants and established safe signals (clearly defined within each fantasy scene) between model(s) and crew are in continual use throughout the production. Thus, these are pure, tongue in cheek adventuristic fantasy scenarios, without exception fully consensual, contextual and supported by model release to this effect***