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Lady Willow & Kirstie in: The Ultimate Beautiful Genie Companion – Producer’s Deluxe Cut! (Double Feature With Extra Minutes) (HD)


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Resolution: 1280×720 (HD) | Length: 45.58 minutes | File Size:1950mb


Lady Willow in: I Was Gagged & Bound With Fine Silks & Ropes Trying To Get To My Magic Lamp While My Treasure Chamber Was Robbed! (Producer’s Exclusive Cut)

Did you ever Dream of ‘Genie’ when you were a wee slip of a nip? We sure did. And our dreams were rather naughty ones at that. They involved the ultimate damsel; beautiful, sexy, magnetic in presence, getting gagged (many gags, actually) and bound in a cuter than cute harem gal stroke genie outfit. Barefoot, bound, silenced. Writhing for our pleasure, unable to escape. Helpless. So just imagine how high was our leap when we were asked to shoot a custom requests along this very theme. We love or customers. Oh yes.

Beautiful – for there is no other word – Lady Willow plays a striking genie looking for a magic lamp of hers. She fears it has been deliberately hidden from her and if that is the case, then who in the name of blazes might be behind it? All she knows is that she must find the lamp soon, for it is the source of all her (yawn) powers. And yes, without it, she is vulnerable to attack. On that note, as the stunning babe searches, in behind her comes a masked loon, hand just itching to be swiped over her face. Grabbed, handgagged, bundled away, at least that is one mystery solved. HE is the one who has her lamp!

Tied up in one of her luxury chambers, the busty damsel is told she is being robbed (uh, yeah) and that she must be incapacitated and silenced – with silk, fine silk. HER own fine silk. Sexy. With that, our protesting beauty is tightly cleave gagged with some shining, very sexy stuff indeed, her trussed legs further restrained with silk scarves and she is left to struggle away on an expensive throw. Mmmmmpppphhhhing and twisting, giving us all lashings of striking barefoot joy, Lady Natt is sooooo powerless. The sadistic fiend has even left her lamp right next to her, where she can’t get to it, bound and gagged as she is. You see, she needs both hand free to rub it from both directions simultaneously – her conveniently unable to be performed combination, to unlock the secrets of the lamp. Shame, huh? Guess she’ll just have to stay tied up.

After binding even more sexy silk over her already gagged mouth (she is NOT pleased) it’s time for a new gag for our captive genie! Here comes a powerfully tight white cloth over the mouth affair guaranteed to make those cheeks bulge. She cannot believe this guy dares to gag her again. But she should. Because he has. Then it is much more of the same while this steamy, old school romp continues. What is this goon going to do to her next, she wonders, gag talking and wiggling her perfect rump, bally dancer style, all tied up on her throw. As it turns out – whopping her thumping tits out. Humiliated, helpless, a true damsel, our hot genie angrily protests as she is left once more to struggle while her treasures are plundered from under her immobilised nose.

Now it’s time to over-indulge. That dastardly robber plugs up the much resistant girls mouth with a dirty sock and slaps three strips of tape over her lips, sealing it in jolly nicely and muffling her all the more. He has even hogbound her now, and tied her two big toes up, all done onscreen as YOU would wish. No need of a magic lamp for that to come true. Thus all hogged up, toe-bound and very desperate, the newly muzzled genie struggles on urgently, rolling about on her thick, perfect tits, pointing her bound toes this way and that, and generally turning us to putty in her tied hands. This incredible girl winds and grind on her throw, so helpless, so in need of rescue, pleading with us with her big, chocolate eyes. This surety must be a dream though, huh? But one we have caught in the Borderland Dream Catcher yet again and now, with great pride, share with you all. Thank us later!

Kirstie in: Gorgeous Apprentice Genie Denied Her Urgent Magical Wish For Help Besting the Evil Villains!

The beautiful Kirstie is the Apprentice Genie, and has news for her master, that a gang of cut-throat villains are infiltrating his business (yes, genie’s are all self-employed, apparently) and are all primed to steal the many valuable treasures there to be had. But Young Kirstie has been taught well. One such lesson is a distinct magical ‘call out’ or ‘wish’, if you shall. Twill (pretentious enough?) summons the Head Genie – Arthur – Himself and he will lay down with great fury and vengeance and blah blah effing blah on his and hers enemies. There’s one snag: She can’t give the magic call if her mouth is gagged! Dear Kirstie has to actually bang it out there. Ready for the fun to come?

Dashing from the main crook, some red-masked shitwipe who has been in hot pursuit after spotting the buxom lovely and wanting to detain her fast, is almost upon her. Kirstie the Apprentice makes it as far to a lounge area before remembering her great gift. She is juuuuust preparing to make said wish that would change everything (try fucking with Arthur, poor mouth, see what he’ll do to your loathsome backside) when she is jumped and handgagged into exquisite muffedom. The spirited bitch is trying to bite his hand though so he conks her out and immediately binds her wrists and ankles. But first, he obscenely tightly ties her mouth, directly over her veil, to prevent her from calling out to her infernal powers when she comes to.

Taking the opportunity to grope and enjoy the now very struggling maiden, he mocks her inability to summon help and heads off to warn the gang of what he has found here. The orders are to keep the girl gagged and bound and out of the way while they relieve this dump of every last trinket! Kirstie is powerless and wriggling MAD! Going at her bindings – he’s even fastened her at the knees and elbows – unable to utter the her magic words due to that stupidly tight over the mouth gag he has on her, she is pretty well screwed! Even more so when GoonBoy returns to turn that gag into the world’s tightest cleave while she writhes and moan beneath his weight.

Kirstie the Apprentice Genie is then left flopping around all over the floor, gag talking and trying very hard to get free. All this earns her is yet another gaging. Something even…. thicker…. To stifle her deepass mmmmpppphhhhs some more. The crim has also been told to hogbind the girl, just in case she manages to hop away and out the door. He does this with relish upon her. Now thickly yellow cleave gagged and trussed up like a November Pig (ever heard of them?) on a couch, the raging, well-contained beaut in her pretty green outfit bucks and writhes powerlessly, continuing to dazzle us with her perfectly sculpted bare feet, pointing this way and that, driving us crazy! Painted toes too. Yes. Red, wouldn’t you know it? This chick is just plain HOT. No other w ay to get that out there. Anyway…. here’s what’s next:

Now Kirstie, gag-effusing and bouncing around in her tight, white rope pig-up, gets a very decisive bandit style red bandana trussed over her cleave gagged cakehole, dampening even further still, her sexy gag rants. Now the crook and his boyos are off and can’t resist feeling her up some more, actually squeezing – hard – her tits though her skimpy top. Kirstie goes crazy at this, as well she might, and as well, might YOU! Now then, enough of this jolly revelry, lets’ cosy up to our striking, roleplaying lady as she thumps and thrashes in her tight bondage, totally muzzled, totally unable to summon her Genie God, and totally humiliated at being left tied up and gagged. Some apprenticeship this is turning out to be…

***All productions (video & images) & associated bondage scenarios depicted are strictly of a role play and story driven nature and feature fully consenting participants and established safe signals (clearly defined within each fantasy scene) between model(s) and crew are in continual use throughout the production.  Thus, these are pure, tongue in cheek adventuristic fantasy scenarios, without exception fully consensual, contextual and supported by model release to this effect**