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Miss Scarlett in: No Girl Has Been Seen Around Here. That Noise You Hear is Merely the Scuttle of Rats in the Attic! (Full Adventure) (HD)


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Resolution: 1280×720 (HD) | Length: 19:51 minutes | File Size:999mb

Poor Scarlett! She is becoming rather frustrated; hot and bothered and wriggling away up there in that attic room. Especially as her captive presence up there is being explained away as ‘just rats in the attic’! Her tanned skin slick and oiled from her massive struggle, her hot mouth double gagged into supremely muffled silence, she is helpless and hidden. Her captor has gagged her so much because she cannot behave. She will not stay quiet unless he MAKES her quiet. And he has done that. Shall we find out why?

Gorgeous redhead Miss Scarlett is visiting her Uncle Marmaduke at his house in the quaint little village of HellinaHandBasket. What she cannot possibly know is that Marmaduke has fallen in with a bad crowd who view the eccentric old buffoon as something of an easy mark. Befriending him over a game of draughts at the town hall, one such vagabond, a Justin Case, pushes home his advantage and elicits that the old twit will be home alone on afternoon of the 12th. But, that is not quite the situation. In his mental frailty, he has neglected to mention that his comely niece Scarlett will be visiting! Mr Case will find this out only later!

Meantime, he has coshed out the old Herbert and dumped his out of it hide in an old freezer in the shed. It will be more than a little chilly for him out there, but at least he has left it open. Just as he is preparing to go through Marmadukes things, he hears somebody letting themselves in through the front door. Spying her through a downstairs window, he notes with interest the arrival of a fine young beauty indeed. He will be tarred and feathered before he allows her to interfere now that he has gone this far and so he decides to overpower her and stash her out of the way too.

Scarlett, bemused that she cannot find old Marmaduke, is even further so when she is suddenly pounced on from behind in a swift and dealt a swift, violent and prolonged handgagging. In her tight little shorts and t-shirt, all barefoot and delicious, she cuts quite the hapless figure as she jolts around like a ragdoll while being is hauled off. Gotten the better off, she is soon tied up at the top of the house!

Just as the firmly trussed girl begins asking what the creep has done with Marmaduke, he gags her silent with a thick, dirty yellow cloth. She mmmmmppphhhhs warmly as he binds it in her mouth extra tight. Then groping the beautiful young lady, much to her outrage, he shuts her away, bound and gagged. But this is a spirited vixen and Scarlett is soon making some noise, and thumping her bare feet into the floor. With some local Jehovahs Witnesses canvassing the area, Mr Case bolts upstairs and secures the squirming Scarlett into a very tight hogtie. He leaves her like that, unable to speak or move beyond a sexy roll. He has also twined up her twitching bare big toes. Jolly nice THAT looks too!

Later, and he sees the nuisances outside drawing near. He shall excuse any noises they might here as, well, the toing and froing of rats. Rats that go mmmmppphhh in the night! And on that note, he can faintly hear the gag talking girl at the top of the house so heads up there to keep her extra quiet. Thrusting a big knotted rag between her teeth, he brutally tightly gags her again. This considerably mutes the straining Scarlett but he is not finished. He wants her EXTRA quiet, so stalks off to find more cloth. Meanwhile, Scarlett is going ballistic but in a wonderfully muffled way. That gag has closed her down good!

As Scarlett arches her now stripped bare (and spanked) bottom, she chews angrily at the thick knot in wedged hard in her mouth, desperately trying to speak. Alas, she cannot say a word, and she knows that her safety depends on summoning help however she can. But HOW can she, all pig-lashed and knotted the fuck up like this?? It is simple, she really cannot, especially after the fiend has bound a thick handkerchief snatched from Marmadukes room straight over the top of her knotted cleave gag!

Miss Scarlett fumes angrily while her gorgeous toned body and perfect round arse are chastised by the kinky swine. Then, once more, she is shut away, unable to warn a soul about her presence! She sure hopes Marmaduke comes around before this freak gets what he came here for and leaves scot free. She happens to know that Old Marmaduke has a blunderbuss kept loaded out in his shed! Fingers crossed! In the meantime, its Mmmmmmrrrmmmm mmmmmbbbblllmmmm mmmmpppphhhhhhh from the hot, gagged and tied gal! Epic Scarlett!

Included in this story: gagged women, rope bondage, big tits, shorts, denim, upskirt,  handgagged, hand over mouth, roleplay, damsel in distress, female desperation, redheads, struggling, groping, gag talk, cleave gagged, knotted cleave gagged, double gagged, over mouth gagged, cloth gagged, detective gagged, hogtied, barefoot, foot fetish, toe tied

***All productions (video & images) & associated bondage scenarios depicted are strictly of a role play and story driven nature and feature fully consenting participants and established safe signals (clearly defined within each fantasy scene) between model(s) and crew are in continual use throughout the production. Thus, these are pure, tongue in cheek adventuristic fantasy scenarios, without exception fully consensual, contextual and supported by model release to this effect***