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Jenny & Olivia in: Captured by the Quite Nefarious Indeed, Baron Munchkin! Yikes! (Full Adventure) (HD)


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Resolution: 1280×720 (HD) | Length: 60 minutes | File Size: 1.21 GB

They’re at it again, those busty sleuths continually on the trail of mayhem and missing lady detectives! This time, the target is a wealthy eccentric known for donning a rather strange mask for no discernible reason and whose full and rather grand title be Baron Cecil Munchkin III. Yep, he’s a clown all right, but is also responsible for some pretty shady goings on – and beautiful new recruit, Jenny, eager to prove her mettle against more seasoned operative, Olivia, takes the lead. The pair break in and split up to see what they can find. And would you expect anything less? While amazing Olivia slinks about in the garage looking for clues, lovely Jenny heads upstairs, spying an attic hatch where she believes that within some of these nabbed gals may well be stashed, bound and gagged. Pretty standard, right? Unluckily for Jenny, a madman is about to pounce…. Oh and pounce his crazy ass does. Wrapping the mind-bending cutie in a wicked bear hug, he gets one paw tightly over her gob before she can yell for help and hauls her away to get her all tied up. The stunning babe is VERY tightly cleave gagged in the bathtub, wriggling hard and sure against her bonds. She’s totally unable to get help, just the way we like her. As she twists and gag-mutters beautifully, Olivia comes in search for her, but before the tightly gagged hostage can warn her, the Baron himself stands in the doorway, persuader in his sordid grip. He forces sassy Olivia to get her hands up and then to strip, all while a bemused and mmmmpppphhhhhing Jenny struggles to one side. Soon both stripped naked, the girls are mercilessly wraparound tape gagged with the ultra-strong stuff AND tit-fondled and tied up in an upstairs passage while the baron heads off to entertain guests. Another great moment as the pair try desperately to summon help when they hear people at the door, but are so UTTERLY gagged can conjure no more than a series of heavily quelled mmmmmmmmms. Delightful and incredibly sexy. The stunners struggle, squirm and try fervently to untie one another, all to no avail. When the Baron comes back to mock them, there’s more asrse slapping and boob squeezing frolics while he prepares to transport the protesting nude beauties to another part of the manor. So it’s off over his shoulder the mightily gag-chatting and sexily wiggling detectives are despatched. Man, this is some hot fudge and JENNY, well, we already know how great Olivia is, but this new stunner… fuggedaboudit.

That fiend, Baron Munchkin; after bodily hauling the two bound and gagged snoops away over his manly and exceedingly rugged shoulder, he’s now got ‘em all tied up in the living quarters. He instantly and very brutally onscreen cleave gags both sassy nude hotties as they gag-fume and wiggle while he feels them both up with impunity. The knave! Then he leaves them to some awesome nude footwork as they struggle and arch their sweet soles and bounce their massive respective round boobs. One thing’s for sure – if they haven’t yet solved the riddle of the missing chicks, they HAVE had just a little taste of the shiz they’ve all been slammed through. And are they hopping (well, not yet, literally but just you WAIT) mad. Watch with bulging, pulsating peepers as these two utterly galvanized sweetbreads buck and kick and try desperately to free themselves and get help. Sadly for them, ol’ Munhckin is having zero of it and to punish and humiliate them, he grabs and fondles spitfire, Jenny, and then most cruelly tape gags her with several sticky strips. Olivia watches helplessly, knowing she’s next, outraged by this clown’s brazen molestation of her beautiful partner in detection. Then she, of course, gets it just as…urgently…mmmmm. After that, they’re at it again with the fervent, orgasmic struggles. Man these babes are some kinda gorgeous… After a sizzling ol’ time of it, they both find themselves roped onscreen into strict hogties and it’s more big boob fondling ahoy. Then they are left to go for it again and you just watch with awe at how sexily incensed they both are, angrily bouncing on their huge tits, desperate for freedom, gag talking as though possessed by banshees on heat. If… you can imagine such a thing… However, all they get for their travails is latter good mouth stuffing with thick cloth and jolly fantastic bandage wrapping to keep it all excruciatingly secure.

This Baron Munchkin rotter, he just WILL not let his rather busty and rather delicious captives go! Gagged and bound hard and sure all day this pair of ultra gorgeous nude babes have been, and it’s their own fault for snooping around, getting their hot little behinds in way over their heads in his evil business. We reconvene with the heartily mouth stuffed and bandage wrap gagged beauties bouncing around on their big tits and gag-squealing indignantly as Munchkin prepares them for his evening meal. Not literally, at least so we think. And, when the hour cometh, he binds both protesting detectives with strong white rope and fiendishly gags them with mega tight tape wraparounds. These two seriously cannot utter a word, bit like how they’ve been all day really! Left gagged and bound on the floor, the pair urgently communicate to one another as they squirm around, their luscious bare bods and sexy feet all wriggly and hot. Then they comically and with eyes a’rollin’ hatch a daring plot to hop on out of there! Well, good luck with that, chickadees, however they make one hell of a valiant attempt in one of our adventurous hop fests which you WILL love. All over the living quarters they bound and leap, finally heading out into the kitchen where they angrily gag fume, unable to do much more than teeter on their stringently tethered, aching thighs. Just as well then that the Baron returns to sweep them both off their feet, literally. Hauling the wildly bucking hostages back to whence they hopped, he wastes no time in onscreen hog trussing the feisty little wrigglers, quite like prize sows if ever there was, um, two… and then leaves them to thrash about with unrelenting emery and passion as he readies them for his highly shady attic room. Looks like these two are in pretty deep… oh dear. But well effing done, you amazing babes, because your day’s captivity is among one of the sexiest bondage bonanzas we’ve yet produced, and as you can imagine, this is up against some pretty stiff competition. Applause for the Baron then, please. He’s given us ALL something to think about with Jenny and Olivia. Mmmmmmmmmm!